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Hsiao-Hwa Chen Professor gived lecture named "e-health and Its R&D Activities in Taiwan"

Time:2011-08-06 10:53 Author:刘泉影 Hits:

Hsiao-Hwa Chen, Distinguished Professor in Department of Engineering Science

National Cheng Kung University,had  a visit to Lanzhou University recently. 


Prof. Chen gave a talk  named   "e-health and Its R&D Activities in Taiwan"  to the

teachers and students in the school of information&Engineering on on July 28th.  

His talk includes five parts. It starts from a general introduction about the e-heath 

related infrastructures in Taiwan to let the audience know why e-heath plays a 

critical role in providing comprehensive health-care services to the people living 

in Taiwan. Then, the talk will give a brief review of the history of the e-health 

infrastructural development in Taiwan based on both private and governmental 

initiatives. The e-heath and its related R&D activities will be discussed in the third 

part of the talk. The fourth part of the talk introduces e-heath research activities 

carried out in National Cheng Kung University, which is the only comprehensive 

university with its medical school and attached hospital in the southern Taiwan, 

followed by the summary of the talk.  


Fig 1. Prof. Chen giving the lecture
Fig 2. Prof.Hu listening to Prof.Chen  to give the lecture

Fig 3. Introduction of OPTIMI project

Fig 4. Demo presentation of EEG sensor