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An academic lecture by professor Dr. Jin Fan, the City University of New York

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    Dr. Jin Fan is the lab director of Cognitive Neuroscience at Queens College, the 
City University of New York. He was invited by professor Bin Hu to do an academic
report,and communicated with teachers and students at school of Information
Science and Engineering , Lanzhou University, on Sep, 9th, 2014.

    Professor Bin Hu and teachers in UAIS lab communicated and discussed with

professor Dr. Jin Fan about the researches and projects each other. Finally, they had
agreement on cooperation in future researches.


    Then Dr. Jin Fan made a speech about his experiment experiences and research 
ideas to teachers and students.
    Finally, Dr. Jin Fan visited the UAIS laboratory, and students presented the
experiment devices and operation processes of Eyemovement, Speech and EEG.