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Professor Bin Hu chaired the 973 program project of China annual project summary

Time:2015-01-16 22:52 Author:孙淑婷 Hits:

    On January 9th to 11th ,2015. Relying on Lanzhou university 973 program project of China, 2014 project annual review meeting "Research on alarming theory of potential depression risk and key technology of bio-sensing based on biological and psychological multi-modal information" (2014CB744600) was held in Beijing Fragrant Hill hotel. The meeting was chaired by project chief scientist professor Bin Hu.
    Professor Bin Hu made a project annual report. Around “potential depression risk biological, psychological characteristics mechanism and computability; effective biological, psychological characteristics complex structure and related with potential depression risk evolution mechanism” two key scientific problems, and reported the experimental group of people into screening standards, experimental paradigm design, experimental schedule, the core theories and key research progress and other technical work. Then each project team leader reported the following aspects: the project progress, the important milestones, current problems and countermeasures, and work plans for the next year.
    After the report, the experts pointed out the problems in project implements, discussed the solution ideas and gave the appropriate suggestions. Each team made the discussion in details according to the experts’ advice, preliminary developed a revised research program that prepared for the project mid-term evaluation.