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Lectures by professor Zhenhua Duan and Gui Xue

Time:2015-05-28 22:47 Author:Shuting Sun Hits:


   Professor Zhenhua Duan, Xidian university Ph.D. supervisor, and professor Gui Xue, Beijing Normal university Ph.D. supervisor and 985 chief scientist of brain and cognitive science institute, who were invited by professor Bin Hu to do academic reports at school of Information Science and Engineering, Lanzhou University on May, 27th, 2015. The themes were “The modeling and application of concurrent systems” and “The cognitive neural mechanism research of human brain learning”.
   Dean Bin Hu attended lectures and made an opening speech. All the teachers and students of UAIS lab and other information college graduate students took an active part in the academic activities.
   Professor Zhenhua Duan mainly explained the modeling and application of concurrent systems from the point of temporal logic programming, he proposed some new research and scientific design methods. Professor Gui Xue mainly explained the following questions: human brain learning, memory-based learning and cognitive neural mechanism etc. In the final, he looked forward to the integrated application of brain-based learning system. After the wonderful speeches of two professors, students and teachers discussed with them about some academic problem. The lectures made everyone benefit a lot.