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Multimodal Modeling

Time:2011-08-08 15:43 Author:陈婧 Hits:

Multimodal Modeling is mainly interested in multimode modeling based on biosignal. We are mainly focused on the method of expressing, organizing and modeling of biosignal (such as EEGECGRespireHR and SR etc) and basic personal information(such as age, gender and hobby, etc), then combine it with mathematical statistical methodsFuzzy Mathematics theory and semantic expression. Finally we research models which are applicable to different groups (such as depression patients, psychological high-voltage patients, learners etc). With these models we can accurately, objectively and real-time monitoring abnormal emotion and psychological state changing, then give some psychological intervention and therapy  appropriately and timely, thus provide theoretical basis for pervasive affective computing technology. Now we are  doing some researching on Emotion Ontology, and we are trying to construct a intelligent auxiliary system which can sensitively recognize human’s complex emotions real-time, we can monitor human's mental state and affective disorder real-time though the system.