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Bio-signal based chronic stress identification

Time:2011-08-08 21:48 Author:sophia Hits:

    Nowadays as stress rose in social life, the incidence of mental illness among population all over the world has highly increased. Unfortunately, due to lack of qualified psychological clinicians and therapist, as well as advanced prediction methods, even in developed European countries, mental disorder patients have limited access to timely and professional psychological medial cares. Many patients are experiencing mental disorders from mild to severe. Aiming at improving the situation, the International Collaborative Project of European Union’s 7th Framework Programme, Online Predictive Tools of Intervention in Mental Illness (OPTIMI) propose to develop an online system augmented by bio-sensors and computerized cognitive behavior therapy for prediction and intervention of mental illness, especially depression. It aims to predict onset of depression among population with poor coping behavior via psychological instruments, self diary, EEG, ECG, ACT, speech and cortisone analysis. Afterwards, timely online intervention can be delivered to reduce risk of being disturbed by depression. We focus on exploring bio-signal based predictors of stress, poor coping behavior and onset of depression as well as the applications in online intervention systems.