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Aug.19~21,2011: the Second Annual Meeting of UAIS Laboratory

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     UAIS Laboratory will hold the second annual meeting during August 19~21, 2011.


     In order to improve inner communications of UAIS Laboratory, measure the quantity and quality of everyone's work and discuss the future directions of UAIS Laboratory, last year Professor Bin Hu announced to hold annual meeting in every year's summer.


The proceedings of the second annual meeting is as follows:
   1) Professor Bin Hu address a 30-minute presentation about the general work in UAIS last year;
   2) Each teather make a 15-minute report;
   3) Each student make a 10-minute report.
To be noticed, everyone has opportunity to put questions to addressors after report.


The contents of each report should include the following details:
1) Your work in last year;
2) Your contributions to UAIS Laboratory during last year;
3) Your problems on work;
4) Your projects of next year.


After reports and discussions in Aug.19, every UAISer will journey to Gannan Prairie of Gansu province in Aug.20-21. Enjoy your trip.