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Wen Zhao

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Published Papers:

1.Zhao,W., Yan,J., Hu,B., Ma,H., Liu,L. (2010). Advanced Measure Selection in Automatic NREM Discrimination Based on EEG. ICPCA.
2.Zhao,W., Liu,L., Zheng,F., Fan,D., Chen,X., Yang,Y., Cai,Q. (2011).Investigation into Stress of Mothers with Mental Retardation Children Based on EEG (Electroencephalography) and Psychology Instruments.The 2011 International Conference on Brain Informatics(BI)
3.Yan,J.Z., Hu,B., Peng,H., Ma,H.Y., Zhao,W. (2011). An ubiquitous sleep quality monitoring and evaluation. Journal of internet    technology 12 No.3
4.Ma, H.Y., Hu, B., Jackson, M., Yan, J.Z. & Zhao, W. (2011) A Hybrid Classification Method Using Artificial Neural Network Based Decision Tree for Automatic Sleep Scoring. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 79, PP. 279-284.
5.Fan, D.P., Hu, B., Zheng, F., Liu, L., Zhao, W., Chen, X., Yang, Y., Cai, Q. (2010) A Method of Identifying Chronic Stress by EEG, The 2011 2nd FTRA International Workshop on U-Healthcare Technologies and Services