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Xiaowei Li

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Published Papers:

1.Li,X., Hu,B., Zhao,Q., Liu,L., Peng,H., Qi,Y., Mao,C. (2010). Improve Affective Learning With EEG Approach. Computing and Informatics, Vol.29, p.557-570.

2.Li,X., Hu,B., Zhu,T., Yan,J., Zheng,F.(2009). Towards Affective Learning with an EEG Feedback Approach, 2009 ACM International Conference on Multimedia Compilation E-Proceedings, 33-38.

3.Yan, J., Hu, B., Zhang, H., Zhu, T., & Li, X. Forbidden subgraph and perfect path-matchings. (2009) The 1th IEEE Symposium on Web Society, 23-24, August, 2009, Lanzhou, China. IEEE Press.

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6.Li,X., Hu,B., Campbell,W., Moore,P., Peng,H.(2011). EEG-based Attention Recognition, ICPCA2011.