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Haoyu Ma

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Published Papers:

1.Yan,J.Z., Hu,B., Peng,H., Ma,H.Y., Zhao,W. (2011). An ubiquitous sleep quality monitoring and evaluation. Journal of internet    technology 12 No.3

2.Ma, H.Y., Hu, B., Jackson, M., Yan, J.Z. & Zhao, W. (2011) A Hybrid Classification Method Using Artificial Neural Network Based Decision Tree for Automatic Sleep Scoring. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 79, PP. 279-284.

3.Zhao,W., Yan,J.Z., Hu,B., Ma,H.Y., Liu,L.(2010). Advanced Measure Selection in Automatic NREM Discrimination Based on EEG. ICPCA 2010.