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Qunxi Dong

Time:2011-08-10 21:22 Author:Yongchang Li Hits:

Qunxi Dong, Dr. Reading, the member of UAIS,his mainly research field is affective computing. At present, he mainly engages in quantitative studies of human emotion based on bio-electrical. How to quantitatively analyze a person's emotions, which is a research direction worth exploring in the field of cognitive psychology. If human's emotions can be quantified, that will be very significative to human's autognosis.
2009-2010 Participated in disigning the music therapy system based on electroencephalogram(EEG), the system attempts to introduce EEG associated with emotion to the traditional music therapy.The systme uses EEG features to reflect user's current emotional state, and offers the right music based on the current state. On the basis of this study,he completed an EI paper:
"Dong, QX, Li, YC, Hu, B., Liu, QY, Li, XW, Liu, L. (2010) A Solution on Ubiquitous EEG-Based Biofeedback Music Therapy, ICPCA 2010, Slovenia. On page (s): 32 - 37"

Now, his research focuses on quantitative research of human's attention based on the biotechnology. Attention levels are always got by the traditional psychological scales, sometimes these scales are subjective and the subjects even can not give a clear evaluation of themselves's attention levels. In recent years, as the biotechnology developing, physiological features associated with attention can be extracted, these features will make an relatively objective evaluation to the subjects' attention levels. His research content is to organize an cognitive system about attention. This system includes the traditional attention scales,the bioelectric signals and it can provide a better measurement for human's attention.This research is very meaningful and if you are also interested in the field, welcome you to contact him by email.
Email: Dongqunxi@gmail.com.