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Yongchang Li

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Yongchang Li(born in 1985). I'm a master of Lanzhou University. I like computer science and is dreaming of being a good computer scientist. I agree with that computer science is a great art in the world. It's amazing that a computer device can do so many and difficult things that people cannot do. I'm proficient at C, C++, Java, JavaScript, XML program languages. So far, I have implemented some software engineers with C or C++ or Java and so on. I'm skilled at MFC, Socket, Multi-Thread, Serial Communication, J2EE, Web Site, Web Services and so on. And I have some experience on all of these programming technique.
In this field, anything that should be impossible is possible. Worlds saying that no pay,no gain. But I just want to say no thinking no gain. Because the computer has been developing so fast and so depth and so widespread, if we don't think about where the computer science will go and where we will go, we will be out of this field.