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Yanbing Qi

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   Yanbing Qi is a master candidate at the School of Information Science and Engineering, Lanzhou University. His research focuses on digital signal processing, especially EEG de-noising. His interest tools are FFT, Wavelet Transform and Independent Component Analysis in analyzing signals, as he has focused on those fields for years. Now, he is working on Online Predictive Tools for Intervention in Mental Illness (OPTIMI) (funded by the EU Framework  Seven Project), and in charge of coding EEG signal noise removal algorithms and gathering the feature extraction algorithms. He received his B.Sc. in communication engineering from Lanzhou University.

Published Papers:

1.    Yanbing Qi, Bin Hu, Hong Peng,Qinglin Zhao, Martyn Ratcliffe. (2011) An Improved EEG De-noising Approach in Electroencephalogram (EEG) for Home Care. Advances in Techniques and Technologies Assisting Care at Home 2011. (in print)

2.    Bin Hu, Dennis Majoe, Martyn Ratcliffe, Yanbing Qi, Qinglin Zhao, Hong Peng,Dangping Fan, Fang Zheng, Mike Jackson, Philip Moore.(2011).EEG-based Cognitive Interfaces for Ubiquitous Applications: Developments and Challenges. IEEE Intelligent systems. (in print)

3.    Yanbing Qi, Bin Hu, Qinglin Zhao, Li Liu, Hong Peng.(2010) An EEG artifact removal methodology.The first international Society for Social Neuroscience Symposium.

Contact him at qiyanbing@gmail.com