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Haoyu Ma

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I am a mastery student of UAIS laboratory, I worked on bio-information based automatic sleep quality evaluation, and now I mainly focus on network user behavior analysis. Currently I have 1 paper published on World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, and have participated in other 2 papers of my colleagues. Besides research, I also participated in the organization work of International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Applications for 2 years. I have a lot of hobbies including history, language, literature, natural science and many other things. In my spare time I prefer basketball, table/video games and movies for entertainment.



2004~2009: studied in Nankai University, graduated with 2 BA degrees -- Information Security and Law.

2009~now: studying in Lanzhou University for a master’s degree.


Research Interests

Network user behavior analysis: Currently I’m focusing on evaluate user interest when using network application by monitoring his/her bio-information.

Balancing in computer games: Balancing is a core problem in game develops. My interest is mainly on finding unbalance factors by looking for the optimal solution, or constructing a more balanced game mode by building a model that has no optimal solution or the optimal solution of which is hard to reach.

Haoyu Ma, born in 1986, senior majored in Nankai University Information Security, is now studying on network user behavier analysis.