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Lanlan Li

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Lanlan Li, female, born in 1987, got bachelor degree in Communication Engineering Department of Lanzhou University in 2010. Now I am working on a master degree in Communication and Information System.


My current researches are bio-signal feature extraction and analysis based nonlinear dynamics, and nonlinear dynamic based study of schizophrenia’s EEG. At the same time, I apply signal processing methods and programs of nonlinear dynamics for other teams of UAIS Lab. In additional, I have involved in the study of EEG-based individual identification, EEG signal collection, the lab’s experiment procedure design and Optimi project.


The human brain is a dynamic system having the nature of complexity, Self-Organizing and nonlinear. Nonlinear dynamics can well describe the non-stationary nature of brain, so nonlinear dynamics can be used for EEG analysis. Plexus physiology point of view, the essence of EEG is cortical electrical activity of neurons. The EEG signals, which are recorded according to 10-20 international system standards, are produced by lots of neurons postsynaptic potential changes. So the recorded EEG signal with strong nonlinear character and traditional linear analysis are not necessarily reflect their essential characteristic. Therefore, nonlinear dynamics methods can be used to analysis EEG and extract the nonlinear dynamics parameters of EEG.


Nonlinear dynamic features of EEG can be used in Sleep EEG studying, different cognitive state of EEG analysis, different response to stimuli by EEG changed reflected, EEG-based study under pathological conditions. The current study of schizophrenia is designed to find an objective, real-time and accurate method to diagnose schizophrenia, for the schizophrenia patients get treatment in time.


Published papers:

Zhao,Q.L., Peng,H., Hu,B.,Liu,Q.Y., Liu,L., Qi,Y.B., Li,L.L. (2010) Improving Individual Identification in Security Check with an EEG based Biometric Solution, Brain Informatics 2010, Toronto, Vol.6334/2010, 145-155


Zhao,Q.L., Peng,H., Hu,B., Li,L.L., Qi,Y.B. ,Liu,Q.Y., Liu,L. (2010) Towards an efficient and accurate EEG data analysis in EEG-based individual identification, UIC 2010, xi'an. Vol. 6406/2010, 534-547

Lanlan Li,female, born in 1987. gratuated from Communication Engineering Department of Lanzhou University and will study on EEG analysis.